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We are looking forward for recovering the childlike look and cherishing the original old days’ feeling. We also cherish the happy life at hometown in memory while enjoying the convenience and prosperity of the city. Over there, children are well nursed, students are well educated, adults are well employed and elders are well cared in a happy life; over there, we embrace the Guevara Belief of loyalty for ideal and realistic spirit. We make painstaking efforts to shine into the reality with a true model of better life.


Puluo Ideal Land, located in the International Cultural Creative Industries Park of Zhengzhou, China, covers an area of about 4 square kilometers. In 2011, Puluo China, regarding Synchronizing World Lifestyle as planning purpose, invested CNY 32 billion in building such a livable town equipped with city-level facility with full strength. Furthermore, the architect Stefanos Polyzoides, co founder of American New Urbanism and internationally well-known urban planning master, has been invited to be responsible for the whole project planning. Puluo Ideal Land owns the largest community park of 90000 square meters in Henan Province, as well as an art and culture center of 20000 square meters covering library, tea house, dining hall, health management center and multifunctional auditorium. In addition, Puluo Ideal Land means to build One-stop International Education System, to build the first community combining medical treatment and health care in Central Plains, to build an all-inclusive commerce zone of over 0.5 million square meters, to build a 20000-square-meter sport park and to rebuild the two-way 8-kilometer riverway for community with a large sum of investment. In the near future, 30,000 families, about 100,000 people, will settle down here and unlock the door of beautiful and healthy life. Puluo Ideal Land will become the vitality hub of the Zhengzhou-Kaifeng Industrial Belt in future and the living center of the 150-square-kilometer International Cultural and Creative Industry Park of Zhengzhou.


In the near future, 30 thousand families, about 100 thousand people, will settle down here and unlock the door of beautiful life. Puluo Ideal Land will act as the vitality center in Zheng-Bian Industrial Belt and the living center of the International Culture Creative Industry Park covering an area of 150 square kilometers.

Puluo Ideal Land, with global wisdom converged, recreates a new hometown of cultural city and lifts the curtain for the next great era. 

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