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In view of either Central Park of New York or Hyde Park of London, city park real estate has always been the primary target for asset allocation cherished by the wealth class all over the world, presenting the grandeur of an international metropolis. In 2014, Yinzhou Park Phase II of Ningbo changed the central layout of Yinzhou District with its all-round inception. By far, this magnificent work has reached its prime, lifting the curtain for current park residence of Ningbo People with the green miracle project of 900,000 ㎡. Have the world, quite close to the park, will compose a wealth epic to be respected by history. 

Have the world, located in Yinzhou District, Ningbo, adjacent to the Administration Center of Yinzhou District and Yinzhou Wetland Park, is the largest city park project in Zhejiang Province, covering a total area of over 700,000 ㎡. It will be developed at five phases. As the only project whose south monopolizes the core area of Yinzhou Central Wetland Park, Have the world enjoys the best one-kilometer horizontal landscape viewing of the park. Furthermore, people cannot only enjoy the natural ecology landscape here at ease, but also get a great view of the 1000-mu business district in the south, witnessing the real coexistence of prosperity and serenity of the city

During the five years of making contributions to Yinzhou Park, Have the world, perseveres in creating new value for this city in accordance with the ideals and sentiments, meets the requirements of Ningbo elites for comprehensively luxurious residence with the entire-line housing product system of villas, garden houses and high-rise buildings, upholds the service concept of “Noble Life Starts from Knowing You”, keeps exploration to service upgrade and arranges the complete service facilities for park life style. With resident restaurant Jiangshan Kitchen, Squirrel Park—Education & Growth Center in operation, it will release quality facilities such as UF Fitness Club, Park 21 Shopping Street and Have the world Boutique Hotel. It devotes itself to create world-class park mansions for Ningbo with experience beyond the owner's expectations from beginning to end. 

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