Intensive Cultivation, Seeking Common Development and Sharing the Future—— 2019 Supplier Conference of Puluo China


Gathering in Functional Hall in the Bright Beautiful Spring Day

“Intensive Cultivation, Seeking Common Development and Sharing the Future” 2019 Supplier Conference of Puluo China was convened at 10 am on March 15, 2019, a bright beautiful spring day, as expected. 158 new and old friends from 139 cooperation companies from all over China assembled together with Puluo China in beautiful the Ideal Land to exchange ideas, deepen cooperation, refine undertaking and plan for the bright future.

Mr. Xu Yiming, Ms. Zhang Jinxi, Mr. Lu Xiaodong, Mr. Shui Hualiang, Mr. Li Jianbo and Mr. He Wei from Puluo China attended the conference. It was further emphasized on improving the supplier cooperation systems, quality standards and supplier requirements, to guarantee the project quality and brand value promotion of the Ideal Land.



Intensive Cultivation, Seeking Common Development and Sharing the Future

New partners forge ahead with determination on the path taken by the 10-year partners with tacit understanding. Mr. Lu, Cost, Bidding and Procurement General Manager of Puluo China delivered the opening speech to express gratitude to partners for their vigorous supports and contributions in 2018, the outstanding corporations and shortcomings corporations of 2018 analyzed and summarized their works as well. Moreover, the importance of team spirit was further emphasized.

Mr. Lu stressed that various norms and standards such as standardized nodes, culture of quality and safety and dust control should be strengthened with the attitudes and requirements of Puluo China defined clearly. In adherence to the principle of fairness and justice, we will always insist on excellence of quality, strengthen quality assessment and comparison, work together to achieve a win-win solution with rewards and punishments.

“Difficult things can only be tackled from easy ones. Great undertakings have small beginnings, so it is great”. Seeking common development and sharing the future is a common aspiration of Puluo China and its partners. In 2019, Puluo will certainly adhere to the principle of precision, accuracy, strictness, fineness and solidity, with proper concern paid to each detail, so as to be invincible in competition.


Glorious Puluo Achieve Good Results with Responsibilities Assumed

In 2018, we made the comprehensive upgrade of suppliers’ control: requirements of higher standard have been put forward from several dimensions such as sample evaluation, quality control and supplier assessment management system, with 6 major principles that the cooperation clarified. In close cooperation and exchanges, Puluo has constantly conducted a fair and impartial assessment on all participators of construction to control quality strictly. After all-round inspection and assessment supported by a big data analysis, 3 outstanding organizations of quality, safety and civilization and dust pollution prevention and control and 8 excellent cooperation organizations were elected.


Respecting friendship with utmost sincerity

After flight from New York-Beijing-Zhengzhou for 12,000 kilometers, his simple and plain words touched each partner, present out of respect for friends and cherish of friendship. With special emotions in mind, Mr. Xu, a wise man who likes to tell stories, narrated an extraordinary story of Puluo in 2018 in his mind.


2018 witnessed the 15th year of Puluo China, which has developed stably and practically. With an area of 1,200,000 m2 developed, the Idea Land is striving for reaching the sales target of 10 billion. In the face of the ever-changing market environment and policy regulation, Puluo has kept its original intention and loyalty to top quality in meeting challenges. According to Mr. Xu, as Puluo continues to improve the perfect image of Puluo China in public with the promise to life fulfilled, the project of Ideal Land is unmatched.


Ideal is Supported by Persistence and Standing Fast

Four square kilometers land of beauty and love – live in the Ideal Land for better life of children – Puluo Ideal Land, a better Beilonghu. Out of the pursuit for quality, Puluo China, with each section focused on, moves ahead towards the ideal with the spirit of originality. 

More responsibilities shall be assumed for higher expectation. Each ideal is supported by persistence and standing fast. We have a long way to go in 2019, requiring by Puluo China to join hands with all partners to get engaged in intensive work in a down-to-earth manner for win-win solution!