100 Days, 100% Efforts


August 2016, The Ideal Land West Court No.1/2/6 started to construct.

31st May 2019, begin to deliver the ready houses to 1019 families.

From the blueprint to reality, more than two years of eagerly looking forward to a brick a tile, a grass and a wood contained all Puluoers’ blood and sweat. From the blueprint to the reality, more than two years of eagerly looking forward to, a brick a tile, a grass and a wood all send xu people's blood and sweat.In the past 1000+ days and nights, at the time of 100 days seems endless but brevity. Endless is to the expectation of the owner who want to come home; brevity is to all Puluoers that if there will be one more day; there will be more perfect to deliver.

Expectations and Perfections, two different moods come to one common wish: A perfect early delivery to the The Ideal Land Phase 1. Here, as always, you can feel the heart of pursuit to perfection, and we are happy and lucky for choosing Puluo.

Efforts, there will always be loss; however 10% efforts will eventually become a proud thing in your lifetime. 100 days, this painting which posted in the construction company perhaps is the best witness. It accompanies all people's efforts in Phase 1 along with the daily sunrise and sunset, together with the experience of weather exposes. Now it has completed its mission quietly faded, yet the spirit of Puluoer's intensive and pursuit of the ultimate will never change!

100 Days, 100% Confidence and Determination

18th February, at the meeting of Phase 1 delivery, Engineering, technology, landscape, property, customer service and other departments sounded sprint assembly number, went into the final stage. In the next 100 days, all Puluoers will make concerted efforts to overcome all difficulties and resolutely complete the quality delivery. From that moment on, with the expectation and attention of all people, these lovely and respectable people started their persistent efforts with full confidence and determination.

100 Days, 100% Stretch

They sweat for perfection in every single place under the burning sun, they wash the ground tirelessly in the dark night, they are Puluo Engineers. Face to the mission, they are on intimate terms; they are brothers and take the responsibilities jointly. The shuttle of 20,000 steps per day is the basic standard for all. No feet blistering or skin peeling is not considered as a "hero", the dark and light on neck and arms are the true colors of Puluo engineers.


Men's blood, the mission! Bloody and sweaty, exhaustion and perseverance, only for the eternal responsibility. For the sake of The Ideal Land, they temporarily put down their small home. Full of hot blood and man's indomitable spirit filled in every single moment.



Even if the difficulty ahead is a mountain, they will create the conditions to raze it to the ground. As the two project managers said, when things go wrong, it's not the others who lose the most, it's us.

"Iron horse, Swallow mountains and rivers", on the eve of the handover, witnessed what is the solidarity of the engineers. Once called for helping, all the brothers around come to support in the late night. If you're tired from your job, look at them. Give it your best shot not by Shouting, but by doing!



100 Days, 100% Strictness and Standards

Faced with the expectation of 1019 owners, which is both pressure and motivation, what delivery standard can meet the owners' critical vision? How can inspection be done without mistakes? In order to solve these problems Quality department set delivery standards in advance, at the same time expand property service team training. From the developer's and the owner's  point of view in two perspective, from the moment of entering the house, what kind of problem, need to pay attention, on each step there must have a standard, and in every night to check out the problem and process it urgently, formulate solutions in time.

Stared on those functional problems, and classified, cannot let problem go without determined, keep the quality standard is the life of Puluo, rigorous to ourselves to satisfied the owner!

100 Days, 100% Show Out!

Xiahan road and Mengdie road, the only two roads to deliver the first phase, the final stage of the attack, almost all the pressure are here. Road landscape, laying, street lamps, marking, cleaning, just two days to give them a new look. Just as manager Shen said: when face difficulties and pressure, anxiety and optimism will show different effects, the problem is there, no matter what, we have to solve on time, always remain optimistic and positive, however enthusiasm could makes it better. Good landscape construction can make the owner feel happy at the moment of entering the park and gradually increase. Therefore, all the engineers in the comprehensive department try their best in their respective professional fields.


In the late night, to ensure the progress of the peripheral landscape as scheduled, they repair street lights; when fountain has problems, they jump into the water to check without hesitate; To ensure the normal operation of all the equipment during the delivery of rob the work, all the hands hung with them. All the beauty in your eyes is number of nights of selfless dedication from them!



100 Days, 100% Smile and Tolerance

Call a return visit, repeat of caring, pains and happiness, are the customer service department's biggest feeling. When face different doubts and incomprehension, they still comfort the owners with kindness and patience. Understand the focus of the owners through early communication to ensure the reputation and satisfaction of The Ideal Land during the delivery period.

Whether the notice letter is rigorous, every detail they have to check with the legal counsel; For owners with different ways of payment and contract signing, make corresponding documents for delivery; It seems to be simple, but in fact, every word has to face a huge risk, call with cordial and greetings, come with silently swallowed the inclusive and sad on the other hand!


100 Days, 100% Counting Times

11 big items, 69 small items, covering the guide, picture, text, packaging, customization and other large and small aspects, Marketing Department partners staged a "time race". They are preparing the content of brand of all sorts of about propagandize adornment, Puluo during Phase 1 delivery, small to a custom-made door key, big to the road of 7-8 meters to guide inspect, even triviality, but treat attentively.


A life manual, an owner's manual, a total of 12 text writing proofreading and screen design, which also includes technology, procurement, property department's professional knowledge and data verification, the content of the complex revision.The only thing to worry about is a race against time, five days and five nights in a row, to fall asleep at the slightest slip of the eyes, what a luxury it is to be able to take a ten-minute nap at that moment.

A paragraph of text warms people, only for seizing the day of brand, understand the value of time, and understand the owners more of the precious happiness!


100 Days, 100% Warm Service

They are always ready for the delivery of Phase 1, a smile, a greeting, from Province to The Ideal Land, Puluo property's temperature services are around everywhere, no matter whether during the delivery period or not, the property servicers are ready all the time. House inspection from nothing to experience accumulation, do not give up the tenacity and award admire from the professional engineers; where there are needs there are supports in words. 


Puluo Property Service is not to do the surface, but deeply implanted in every property owner's heart.

No matter in the daytimes or night times, almost every corner of the Phase 1 has the figure of the property serviceers. 753 villas, 266 houses have their busy figuring. Floor heatings, pipes, water, skylights, password lockers and other details of acceptance. Roads, doors and Windows, flower beds have their busy cleaning scour scene. At the same time, they still do not forget their own etiquette rules, every time a pedestrian passes by, they take the initiative to stop their work to say hello. Whether during the delivery period or not, day or night, their actions really explain the temperature service of Puluo Property Service.

Always remember their words and deeds on behalf of the Puluo service image, even in the corner is still full of enthusiasm, although the work is different, but the same intention and responsibility. No matter when and where, facing whom, the standards of service are in heart, the warmth of services are in the heart of the owners!


100 Days, 100% Happiness Contribution

16 friends, create a large phase of the delivery of 1019 owners’ home warmth, social community colleagues use the greatest sincerity to wake up the neighbors long lost touch. The passionate performance of the aged art troupe, full of enthusiasm dumplings in a bowl, naturally narrowed the distance between old and new neighbors. Paid attention to and collect the concerns from the owners, they have only one goal now and in the future, to improve the happiness index of the owners living in The Ideal Land, so that everyone can understand the unique charm of The Ideal Land.

They are the first stop of perfect delivery. The happiness of the owners gradually heats up here. Living in The Ideal Land is a happy beginning, and they will create a happy life with neighbors of The Ideal Land every day!


100 Days, 100% Support

Before the troops and horses move, the provisions and grass come first. It is important for the soldiers in front to charge forward and the warmth in the rear to continue to arrive, both mentally and physically. A sense of urgency is a sense of responsibility. Regularly replenishes for the key colleagues is important, and the staff canteen offers delicious meals. Only when you have enough energy can be full of energy. Although in the rear, still the heart is the front line, the administration department's biggest wish is to be able to all Phase 1 deliver people to send care and warmth.

At the end of the battle, we carefully prepare a cake on behalf of the deep love and kindness of Puluo. The words in the box are the encouragement and expectation of each department head to the department colleagues, sweetness, and a heart. Spare with no effort, unshared mission, in order to express the deep respect for the Engineers warm-hearted, the administration department seizes the time to design and manufacture a gift, a tribute for the Engineers of the west court No.1/2/6 at the same day.

The more complicated and trivial it is, the more serious it is. What we do in logistics support represents our deep concern and love for everyone. Because at Puluo, we are a family in love!


100 Days, 100% Pay Out and Collaboration

Of course, there are a lot of people who pay silently for the perfect delivery of Phase 1, although thousands of words cannot express all of the efforts of the people have paid. The purchasing department, which studies and compares work overtime in times of crisis; Public relations departments get certificates and parts during the Phase 1 delivery period, ; Technical department has to face the rectification anytime and anywhere and provide the best solution all the time; Finance department, which changes and sorts out the house payment contract at any time when face of different owners; Sales department  collect and give feedback to all owners through telephone calls; There are many, many more, just because the Puluoers have a common goal, common responsibility,  pay and cooperate silently.


100 Days, 100% Efforts

As long as paid attention, all efforts will be seen!

The perfect delivery of Phase 1 cannot be accomplished by any department alone. At that moment, regardless of you and me, we need to work together, each department sincere cooperation, mutual commitment, share weal and woe, 100% efforts to complete the common mission in the heart.

100 days, 100% confidence, pursuit, sweat, warmth, every minute, go all out, work together...Gather Puluoers into 100% effort! There are hard, fearless in the future, however when a great war coming, the Puluoers will always be the warriors of the charge. Gather is a group of fire, the power of Puluoers condenses endeavor no matter when can surmount any difficulties and obstacles!

It is better to do a down-to-earth thing than to do a lot of things in a hurry that are eager for quick success and instant benefit. So does Puluo China and even more so do Puluoers. The beauty of the Puluo style is created by us, and the spirit of Puluo is inherited by us.