Congratulations for signing the contract between Pulo China and Western Sichuan Culture Tourism


On the afternoon of November 18, 2019, at the headquarters of Western Sichuan Culture Tourism, Pulo China formally signed the equity

 transfer and capital increase and share  expansion project contract of Sichuan Panxi Lingshan Tourism Investment Development Limited.

Chairman Mr. Xu Yiming of Pulo China and Daya Group, general manager of Pulo China, director of Daya Group Ms. Zhang Jinxi,

Daya Voyage director Mr. Huang Yuanchao attended the signing ceremony.


At the ceremony, Chairman Mr. Xu Yiming, introduced the brand history and value of Pulo China and Daya Group. 

He also expressed that after multiple site visits and many discussions in the past one and a half years, he finally 

decided to develop Lingshan project with resolution. During this procedure, Mr. Xu deeply felt the sincerity, openness, 

practicability and efficiency of Sichuan Energy Investment. In future, Pulo will integrate the best resources, gather the

world's top planning team, with a serious and pragmatic attitude, upholding the concept of love and respect, to create 

a better Lingshan.


On behalf of the Sichuan Energy Investment, Mr. Guo Yong, the party secretary and chairman of Sichuan Energy

Investment, expressed the high recognition of the Pulo China and Daya Group and emphasized that Pulo  Daya is a

pioneer and leader in the strategic investment of high-quality tourism projects at home and abroad. The two parties 

are highly consistent with the positioning, perspective and concept of Lingshan project. Pulo and Daya gathered 

the world's top experts in various fields to build the future of Lingshan. Sichuan Energy Investment will increase 

support to create the optimal conditions looking at the big picture for Lingshan project.The two parties will make

joint efforts to build Lingshan into a world-class tourism and leisure destination.


At the same time, in order to develop a better tourism brand with higher standards and requirements and push 

forward the progress of the project,  the start-up team of Daya Voyage (Chengdu) Tourism Development co., ltd. will

visit Pulo China on January 15, 2020.


Daya Voyage Chengdu team Visited Province, Province kindergarten, No 1&8 United International middle school

and primary school, Pulo Ideal Land, Province Chinese Dream and Zhengdong New District to learn more about Pulo brand

history and rapidly growth of Zhengzhou economy in recent years. The team was impressed by the Profound cultural accumulation 

and a pragmatic attitude to keep improving of Pulo China, also the advanced life concept and vision of Chairman Xu Yiming.

Fine architecture, caring education, community culture making, well equipped facilities.... Sichuan new team knew more about

the history of Pulo China.

Besides, in order to implement the standard more comprehensively and thoroughly, Sichuan team also received 

training on the brand culture,  values, administrative comprehensive management system, human resource management system,

financial management system and other comprehensive standardization of the enterprise. Adhere to high standards, detail 

oriented, serious, refinement, the pursuit of the perfection should be the spirit and attitude for everyone one in Pulo China.


From Province to Daya Voyage, from Zhengzhou to Sihcuan, Pulo China is alway on the way to create beauty in the world and never stop.