Together, we are fearless-“Intensive Cultivation”, 2020


True love doesn't need many words

We felt the touch and hide it in mind

When the Covid-19 outbroke in the beginning of the Chinese New Year, Puloers received a letter from Chairman Mr. Xu Yiming,

 comforting our anxiety with the warm words. The letter is short but with magnificent power with love.



Before everyone goes back to work, Ms. Zhang Jinxi sent us a sincere  greeting in a special way.


A letter to warm you up and a cup as the present. Pulo uses her way way to cheer everyone towards a better 2020!


We always believeTogether, we are fearless.

No matter where you are now, every Puloer is not lonely. Together, we can create the greatest power.

After the darkness is the shining sunshine, a new journey will start after a short break. Every cloud has a siler lining

well start again when spring comes!