Review of Pulo China 2020 Annual Conference | More than Beauty, To be Continued

Beauty has many different faces in life.”

---- Russel

Beauty life, always has more than one side, each side is different wonderful. 

It may suddenly become clear in the boss's story, have a new definition of what is good, and then adjust its attitude before starting; 

Or because of the collective wisdom to create a good thing, in the effort for the same goal, although the role is different, but the responsibility is the same;

Or in the spotlight in the public expectations of the full display of talent, not live up to the stage of every pay.

Beautiful more than one side, the wonderful people more than one side, time carve, the pursuit of good never stop. 

In the rich and colorful activities, in the precipitation and sublimation, to find and inspire the other side of the versatility of the people.

Beauty Happens

The Boss’s Story

"The Boss’s Story", a discussion and exchange about the good life, every year, will bring different conceptions for us. Listen to the understanding 

of big bosses for the good life, everyone has a different answer in the heart, every word, or laugh, or moved, there will be regrets in the process of growing up,

 but sincerely from heart is for  beautiful and dream of  adhere and look forward to! Memories remind us that   good life should be what it is. For Pulo, 

there may have been a say in the interpretation of good life from the beginning. 

As Mr. Xu said in his 2019 letter home: "Those good stories, we want to live out one by one."


The first community Starbucks in Henan Province, the first community restaurant in Henan Province KFC set up at Pulo,

Scarecrow Canteen, Community Healthcare combined with the Health Management Center, Pulo Market...To meet the daily needs of the population for 365 days. 

Pulo life festival, neighborhood art festival, community Spring Festival gala...

A group of good people, a good party, give the community warmth, the achievement of the unique charm of Pulo.

In the best of times, we gather the most diverse blood, love each other, with love cast the best future. In the best of times,

 we create a good life with good neighbors, good communities and good culture, and we create the best future with happiness.

Pulo China 2020, a better future...

Great Puloers

Original Creations at Pulo Market

Puloers show more than one nature. The secret beef sauce with slingshot packaging, suddenly become the "Neng Gong Qiao Jiang" in cultural innovation gift box; 

Cloth bags and t-shirts with creative rubbings based on the design of the Ideal Land's manhole cover; The iron art lamp that use conduit to create, modelling is distinctive...

The bustling market, the different style of stalls, condense the results of the work of us.

In the creation of creativity, in the creation of collective wisdom, 24 departments, nearly 300 people to participate.

The promenade is full of people, each booth for their own display their best, dazzling things see the other side of the wonderful people.


Best Future

Pulo Gala and Family Feast


Spring Festival gala is the annual meeting of the grand finale, in this end-of-year feast, you can see all corners of the old fashion, 

the cutest new exhibition style. Carnival of the big Party witness a highlight moment, here we can be cute or sexy, can be sweet and hot , 

Spring Festival gala talent inadvertently give you the best moments ...

Of course, WeChat red packet, lucky draw carnival is never absent from the program, it caused a scream, but also on behalf of love. 

The executives will also make their hand-selected items on-site auction, the proceeds are all used for charity. 

Joy and integration is the eternal theme of the family, in a push cup in exchange for each other's heart closer. 

The best time, is now, the best future, is the heart of the Puloers to build a better now.


Each annual meeting, has their own wonderful and different, it gives Puloers to see the world at the same time also in the harvest of

transformation and growth, in the fusion, the Pulo Family becomes warmer and cohesion. After a period of walking, there is always a feeling,

because hand in hand, be there or be square, is the common agreement, accompanied by each other, is we cherish our friendship at Pulo.


In this process, we enhance the communication and integration between each other in different ways, break down barriers and barriers, 

and achieve the unity of thought and cognition, to pool our strength to face difficulties and challenges. Similarly, in a time of joy and moved, 

see behind the organization of the heart, bring us more care and warmth, let the family full of power and love, this should be the happiness of the Pulo. 

Believe in the power of belief, and be firm in your faith. In 2020, we will constantly improve ourselves and meet the challenge with the best attitude!