Thunder Running of Ideal | Review of 2021 Commencement Event of Pulo China

Stride forward with inflexible will and remain true to the original aspiration.

Puloers set feet on the new journey of 2021 with high morale, being be poised for pursing the dream.

The whole year’s work depends on a good start in spring. February 19, the first day of commencement of work of greatly motivated Puloers after the Spring Festival, marks a new start of meeting greater challenges. With refreshed hope for the new year, Puloers will remain true to the original aspiration and forge ahead to pursue the desired dream.

2021, Pulo will stand with you to succeed in the year of the Ox, happy commencement!

Make Progress Every Day

On the Way towards Dream

We gathered together to celebrate the 17th anniversary of Pulo. We paid tribute with a 17km hike with everyone participated in. At the moment of dawn, being vigorous, we strode forward in the flowing direction of the Mother River, all the way east, hand in hand to greet the new year full of hope.


Puloers walked with a mind full of joy without stop, getting rid of fatigue. With courage mustered, we kept forging ahead to scale new heights. Accompanied by flying flags and loud slogan, we walked from darkness to dawn in the mist to greet the slow rise of the sun, marking a new journey ahead.

Measure the land step by step, and feel it bit by bit, it’s a process of self-cultivating in walking. The dust under our feet encourages us to devote ourselves into the walking and adjust our physical state, spiritual outlook and attitude towards life to meet a better self. At the moment when the drum at destination was heard from afar, thoughts thronged everyones mind: the roads that we have gone through with all strength, the gullies we crossed, and our trusted teammates, all equip us with the thickest armor in our hearts to help us overcome all obstacles in the new year.


No Closing of the Farm During the Spring Festival to Celebrate the Festival Together

With a clear direction in mind, you will not be afraid of the long distance. Puloers returned in triumph after overcoming the long distance to visit the place managed by the aspiring farmer, for a farm experience with a peaceful mood.


Enjoying delicacies, playing games, watching folk performances... the food street full of flavors of Spring Festival gathered all the amazing delicacies; a variety of hand-made snacks gave the stomach tired of fine delicacies a bit of freshness. There were also old items and various snacks carrying childhood memories available, allowing more Pulo family members to regain their childhood interest, let go of the restraints in nature, and play freely to their hearts content.


 Tasty Hundred-Eater Farm Feast

In our memory of banquet at childhood, eight or nine people would eat and drink on benches around a Baxian Table (old-fashioned square table for eight people). Pulo can always come up with excellent new ideas in simple reunions, including both hiking to appreciate the wonderful life and banquet for a better communication. Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables, Braised vegetables, Three Big Bowls (Chicken, Fish and Pork), an authentic farm feast links everyones heart to each other, regardless of different tastes and interests. Pulo family members, with an open mind, shared delicacies together while recalling the childhood in a lively atmosphere.

The banquet was held to link the past with the present by making food a reminder, and deepen exchanges with food serving as a medium. Pulo family members were expected to eat and drink freely with great joviality while exchanging smile, build a better relationship with each other and break down barriers in work for a better shared future.


Exchange Gifts to Convey Tender Feelings

A heap of gifts with the tender feelings of Puloers poured into drew enormous attention. The carefully selected gifts are full of expectation for the bright future, and everyone of them shows true sentiments, as the well-designed package might be made by a colleague who are weak in handwork...Puloers carry forward the “relay baton” of love and power, waiting for exquisite gifts full of surprise for the new year.


Best wishes are worthy of love, kindhearted people are more worthy of protection. A simple short message or a few words may show the sincerest recognition of upright Puloers. Gratitude to concentrated attention paid should be expressed directly. Remember to make comments about the gifts and blessings you received.


Keep Thoughts and Performance Improved

Listen to Update Ideas

We are filled with boundless pride for the past 2020

We take up the heavy responsibility to make new accomplishments in 2021

At a new starting point, we listened to the rewarding speeches made by Mr. Xu, the spiritual core and the navigator of Pulo, and Ms. Zhang, about both work and life carefully. As the saying goes, listen to upgrade ideas, the inspiring and heart-warming New Year speeches have given us a clear target, motivating us to keep improving and stride forward.


We experienced ups and downs in the past year. Mr. Xu, the “helmsman” of Pulo, has kept exploring all over the world to make achievements one after another with his team. As the person in charge of Pulo, Mr. Xu, motivated by the spirit of never say never, pointed out the goals and direction for the new year. The Sports Park, Dong Chuan, One Infinity Academy, Daya...The stroll of Pulos bright future is unfolding in the hands of Mr. Xu. All Puloers will fulfill their duties with persistent efforts, continue to cultivate our field of dream intensively, and keep making accomplishments in the new year!

As mentioned in Mr.Xus Letter: Everyone of us represents the bright future of Pulo, and all the efforts we make and progress we achieve will contribute to the growth and development of Pulo. We can only make co-accomplishments and share joy by joining hands to work hard. In the new year, we will continue to spare no effort to strive for our dream passionately!  

Our hearts remain the same over time; we brim with confidence to the new journey. Thunder Running of Ideal, 2021, we extent best wishes to Pulo for a good commencement!