New Knowledge Sharing | Review of 2021 Pulo China May Fourth Reading Gift

The real meaning of reading

Is not to ritualize it

Sit and read in selected time

Instead, reading should be a habit

A power that keep us move forward

——Pulo China May Fourth Reading Gift


The most typical reader of our time is someone who always want to squeeze some time from busy daily life to enjoy pure reading. Jump out of tiredness and take some time for your self.   The books we read and the roads that traveled could become our power deep in heart, and the invisible armor...


Pulo China May Fourth Reading Gift

Exchanging our books

In a world of chicken soup found everywhere, people have long been immune to all kinds of "reading" tricks. How can we effectively awaken the desire for books so that we can pick them up and keep reading?


When your reading speed can't keep up with your passion to buy books one by one, maybe there's another way to revive your books and keep your love for reading lasting.


A total of 124 Puloers participated this book exchanging, collected 246 wanted books. 164 books were shared among which 110 books were perfectly matched. Everyone's book wish can't be achieved without the selfless dedication of the partners behind, among them, Wang Ting from Pulo Ideal Life provided 12 books, Yue Dongxia from Pulo Management shared 8 books, Gu Jingjing from the Pulo Management, Guo Xiaoyi shared 6 books. Each of them will get a ¥300 Beidao Bookstore gift card. Thanks to everyone who actively participated in the book exchange, because of you, Pulo culture activities are more wonderful!


The small happiness in life is collected from moments, when a long-cherished book appears in front of the desk, that moment, is happiness and satisfaction. A greeting is the communication between book friends, but also deepening friendship between each other. We sincerely hope that everyone can gain some knowledge and experience through reading.

Everyone's book wish can't be achieved without the selfless dedication of 42 participants, among whom Wang Ting from Pulo Ideal Life, Yue Dongxia, Guo Xiaoyi, Gu Jingjing from Pulo Management provided the most books, so each of will receive a ¥300 Beidao Bookstore gift card. Lets hope they read more good books and share more happiness.


re more wonderful!


2021 Pulo China May Fourth Reading Gift

Part 2-Book Recommendation


Never-ending updating social media, endless scrolling short video Apps, video game one after another, and pop-up banners of news apps from day to night...... all of these are sucking our attention. Have we considered to leave some time for ourselves, our lives, and our families, to focus on the present and growing.



Book Recommendation Season 2, 2021 Pulo China May Fourth Reading Gift

 3 good books from 3 promoters 



An amazing adventure

The wonderful adventures of Nils”, recommended by Zhang Lijuan

Take a lead in the face of difficulties


With humor yet provoking

Xiao Lin Comics, recommended by Zhang Junfeng

Send out healing and warmth



Devoted efforts, upright personality

Go LA LA Go,  recommended by Guo Xiaoyi

 Let us know workplace is not that simple



The heartfelt messages are an immersive emotional resonance and an independent reflection on the current self-examination. In front of the boundless ocean of knowledge, no matter how big the trouble, it is just a drop in the ocean, no matter how difficult the road ahead is, there is also the courage to climb mountains.




Every message, after careful review of each promoter, finally selected lucky readers to get the promoter's own gift books, which is not only the affirmation of the intentions of puloer, but also the encouragement and hope for better achievements in future.




Read, for yourself. Make yourself to read for a reason, and then choose, think, and use what you learned. The books you read are subtly influencing your thoughts, opening your eyes, expanding your vision, and changing the fate of your career.


Of course, reasons are all listed in books, but deeds are beyond books


There is no “win in a breeze” in life, only pursing for knowledge diligently without feeling tired is the best way to embrace the future.



Hope we can be,

A person, who reads

A person, who works for the future

A person, who looks up the sky